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I also offer a one on one strategy coaching session if you require further assistance.

The Loan Mod Guru – Breaking News “I am pleased to announce the launch of The Loan Mod Guru website” – A Professional, full service site to help you create and complete a successful HAMP submission.

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”There’s magic going on in the mortgage modification sector… Anna Cuevas’s is nothing short of amazing!”

Anna has simplified a very complex process, with comprehensive, easy-to-use software at her website, She also has a Blog there to answer questions in depth, which is, in itself a learning experience.

For a small fee, anyone can put together a strong comprehensive mortgage modification application. Anna’s web-based software system is based on her extensive industry background and knowledge.. It’s simple to use and generates a complete comprehensive set of docs that speak the bank’s language.

Anna’s system makes it simple and easy, both from the homeowners’ perspective as well as the bank’s. It’s challenging enough to convince your bank that reducing your mortgage is in their best interest.. Anna’s system has done just that – Ira – Washington DC

Hello Anna,
I used your web site HAMP calculator yesterday and I must tell you that I am so impressed. After researching many different avenues to pursue saving our home, including getting wrong information from a government HAMP counselor, waiting on the phone for hours, and passing on expensive offers that seemed a bit too snake oilish, I invested in using your program. Wow, what a fabulous resource at a reasonable price. Your site was easy to use and extremely comprehensive. Now I feel confident that I’m putting our best foot forward and that we have a shot at working this out. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is an awesome contribution! I recommend your web site enthusiastically and hope everyone will have the opportunity to use it.
Cathy, Los Angeles, CA


To anyone and everyone who is in need of loan modification assistance, especially if you find that you cannot make a go of it alone: Anna Cuevas is the indeed a miracle worker. She is generous with her time and energy, providing free expert advice here and will further assist you at her other site, Why am I mentioning all of this? Because Anna was instrumental in rescuing me from foreclosure. I have been involved with an extremely complex, frustrating and ongoing situation with IndyMac Bank/One West. it was Anna, with her winning personality and perseverance that sliced through the bureaucratic baloney and helped me move towards a successful loan modification application. Not only is Anna an exceptionally giving, sensitive soul, she is an extremely knowledgeable and consummate professional. Thank you Anna from the bottom of my heart.
Jane, Boston MA

I hope that everyone that is confused, frustrated, and feeling like your tunnel is dark and the light never gets closer could get some motivation from my story.
My husband and I had been working with the bank to see if we could qualify for a modification loan for 4 months, after waiting for 30 days for our package in the mail, we never received anything and our sale date started approching us. We got so scared that we seeked to a company that did modifications. When we met with that company we felt better because we were told we qualified and that they would take care of everything. We told them that we had received a letter saying our home was to sell on July 6 and there response was that we didn’t need to worry they would postpone the date and that they had done this many times over. I left happy that day because I felt like everything was going to be fine. They did modifications for a living so they knew exactly what they were doing. As the days and weeks passed we called and checked the status and my husband made his rountinely stops at there office to make sure the date of the sale had been postponed and to make sure they didn’t need any paper work from us. The companies response was Everything is great, you don’t need to worry. The Friday before the Tuesday that our home was to sell my husband made one more stop at there office to make sure everything was fine and that our home was not going to sell, Ofcourse they said we already postponed the sale and we didn’t have to worry. On July 6 at 12:30 we found out that our Home was being auctioned and later that night we found out in definet that it was sold and it was no longer ours. I went to the Modification companie’s office to speak to the guy that was handeling our file and he wasn’t in the office and there was no one that could help us. The Companies reaction to me crying and feeling helpless and lost was, We just called the guy helping your file and he said for you to go home and that he could meet with you tomorrow. I wanted to scream, and I felt like I went from being a customer to becoming a problem to them. It didn’t seem like anyone in that office cared. The next day we met with them and they told us to speak to an attorney, after speaking with the attorney, It seemed like we were going to have to go to litigation for months and even then we didn’t know forsure if we could get our home back. When they (the mod company) spoke to us there words were not assuring. I wanted to just move out of my house and stay at an apartment and avoid all of the uneasy feeling i was feeling being at what was my home. After seeing my kids, I knew I had to fight for my house and that I was going to go against all odds and get my home back for my family. I searched the internet day and night emailed Lawyers, emailed companies, people that were going through the same as me and companies that had information regarding what I was going through. After days of searching and emailing, I got an email from Anna Cuevas, She said she could help me. Anna was a true Blessing, She went out of her to answer any questions and she explained every process and she sent me references on people that she had helped. My husband and I were so shocked, she called us the same night after her daughters bday dinner to make sure we didn’t have any questions or concerns. She helped us and truly cared about what were going through. Not only did she email me or text me but, she understood my feelings. There are not many companies out there willing to help and truly work hard for a customer. Like I said I called many companies all over the US and noone called me back. No one took the time to assure us that they were real. On July 16 Anna gave us the news that our HOME was ours and that we were to receive our update paper work from the bank by fed-ex. My husband and I were SHOCKED, we didn’t know what to say. We didn’t even know how to act. When Anna said that she would help, Anna HELPED. She is a truly Angel. The next day bright and early we received our paper work and we got the confirmation. So against all odds, against everyone that said it could NOT happen Anna made it happen. She was miles and miles away from us but, the whole time we were working with her , it seemed her office was just next door. Today she has given my family peace, joy, and Blessings. I will forever be Thankful to Anna, Oscar,Christina and there entire Team. Don’t hesitate to call her or email her because she is not in your city, Anna and her team are the people to call on for help on saving Your HOME!
THANK YOU again. From my Family to Yours!
Francia, Houston Texas

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