America’s #1 Home Loan Modification Expert Teaches You How to Modify Your Home Loan Even if Banks Slammed the Door in Your Face!


How to reserve your spot at Anna Cuevas’ “Save Your Home Workshop”held in beautiful Palm Springs, California and hosted by John Paul Valdez, KNEWS Radio 94.3 host of “It’s Your Nickel.”


When: Saturday November 10th, 2012  Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Where: The Spa Resort Casino (HOTEL LOBBY) in Palm Springs, CA.


Thousands of people across the nation are struggling to save their home from the dreaded f-word – Foreclosure.


It’s a shocking realization that despite years of diligent payment of your mortgage, a single stroke of bad luck could force you into foreclosure. Even if it hasn’t come to that point, many people like you today are feeling squeezed, constricted, barely able to cover the house note let alone their other bills.


And many people find that pleading, arguing, and haggling with banks for more time, to modify their loans is such a nightmare, that if you’re one of them, you may see more gray hairs than you had before, because of the intense stress and emotional drama.


What You Tried Before Hasn’t Worked Because Bank Employees Know More Than You Do


The fact of the matter is, banks and lenders know all the rules and have engineered the game to squeeze every penny out of you that they can and to seize your home if you don’t meet their stringent requirements. It’s predatory. It’s inhumane. It’s unfair.


I don’t have to tell you that. But the good news is, you can modify your home loan successfully and save your family home and put more breathing room in your bills. Until now, they’ve had the upper hand over you.


They’ve toyed with you on the phone or in the bank office because they have more info at their fingertips. That’s why you’re still going in circles. And the information you’ve seen online is often outdated, too complex, or too unattainable.


Yes, You Can Beat the Bank And Save Your Home Without Living Paycheck to Paycheck!


Hello, my name is Anna Cuevas. I’m known as America’s #1 expert when it comes to showing people who are in this nightmare, how to fight back against the banks and win!


Yes, the truth is, if you know the right steps, the right info, and the right things to say, you can indeed save your home, get your home loan modified once and for all — and be back on the road to living life on your terms.


First of all, you should know that I’m a former bank executive who specialized in the loan process so I know all the ins and outs. I know exactly how, where, and why lenders will trip you up. I know the laws and programs that can help you.


Through my “Save Your Home” workshop you’ll discover exactly how in plain English, in terms anyone can understand … how to avoid the pitfalls and literally save thousands of dollars on your mortgage.


As you’ll soon see, this workshop teaches you in step-by-step detail exactly how to do it yourself (no need to hire an expensive agency to do it) using the latest information on loopholes, laws, and techniques that truly work even if everything else you’ve tried till now failed.


At my workshop you’ll be given my Sample REST Report, and Loan Modification organizer, which clarifies everything for you. You’ll be delighted to know this is no bait and switch; it’s 100% red meat.


Furthermore, you’ll be delighted to know that as soon as you see and hear the action steps I give you and you feel the energy in the room, you’ll know unequivocally that you can definitely do this yourself.


You’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is not rocket science. It’s a matter of knowing what to do, and exactly how to do it. I show you how.


When you walk out of my workshop, I guarantee you’ll be a new person armed with more tips, techniques, and tactics than the lenders seated across the table from you. You will indeed have the upper hand over them, and you will save your home. So why should you trust me?


Why Anna Cuevas is Uniquely Qualified to

Teach You How to Modify Your Home Loan


Aside from having worked inside the banking industry for 25 years, having managed over 25 million dollars … you may be interested to know that I’m a featured blogger for The Huffington Post (see


I’m the founder of Ask a Loan Mod Guru, and I have been featured in FUSEing Families Magazine. You might also be interested to know that I’m a published author of the bestseller, Save Your Home, Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money, which has received 19 five-star reviews. And I’m currently co-writing a new book with award-winning motivational speaker Les Brown, titled, Fight for Your Dreams.


(Our esteemed host and friend, John Paul Valdez has been a financial advisor and wealth manager at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC., from 2007 through 2010. Currently he’s a known media celebrity in finance and economics on local TV News on KVER TV Univision. He’s also the host of the “It’s Your Nickel” segment on KNEWS Radio 94.3, Monday through Friday. He’s also a featured financial blogger in the business section of the local newspaper,


Due to the recent mortgage meltdown, my sole mission is to build a grassroots movement across America that’s dedicated to empowering homeowners. My insider strategies have worked for thousands of people and they will certainly work for you too.


Rave Reviews


“Cuevas teaches us how to stay a step ahead of the foreclosure threat and how to analyze and determine our own situation without simply responding to threats.” — Grady Harp, Los Angeles, CA


“I was desperately looking for step-by-step advice that I could apply now and I found it. Anna helped me save my home and my family’s future.” — Michelle Yanez-Jiminez, Whittier, CA


“We appreciated all she did for us as she saved our home and renegotiated our loan. She is truly inspirational and driven and a definite recommendation for everyone.” – Alberto Chowaiki


“These are difficult times for many homeowners facing foreclosure. It’s nice to know that someone (who knows the “ins-and-outs”) took the time to compile all of the necessary information into a comprehensive “how-to” to help you self-navigate through a loan modification process.” — Andrew Ramirez


“I can’t speak highly enough of Anna – she saved our house – and our sanity. And – what she did was simple, basic and totally do-able – and that’s how she makes every task along the keep-your-home railroad be – simple easy and yes, darn it you can keep your home.”

— Ira Wexler, Washington D.C.


For Over 2 Hours – You Get Access to Loan Modification Secrets that Shrink Your House Note and Save You Thousands of Dollars on Your Mortgage!


Imagine you being in a room with an ex-bank executive who knows all the tricks of the trade, all the ins and outs, and all the loopholes, and recent laws that let you fight back. All the questions you have will be answered. The possibilities for you are exciting to ponder!


This is an event you simply cannot afford to miss. It’ll more than pay for itself in many profound ways other than just helping you to save your home and have more breathing space come bill time.


All right, I’ve made the first step towards showing you a way out of your situation. Now the next step is yours to take. That next step is to reserve your seat at my “Save Your Home Workshop.” Here’s how to do that:


Don’t Delay – Seating is Limited to Only 75!

Fill Out the Form Below to Make Your Reservation!

YES! I want to attend the EXPERT “Save Your Home Workshop” held on November 10, 2012 at Spa Resort Casino (Hotel Lobby), Palm Springs. This event starts at 10 am and ends at 1pm. I’m ready to take control of my situation and turn the tables on the bank so I can keep my home, which I’ve worked so hard for. I understand this event is only $75.00 at the door (while seats remain), but if I reserve my spot now it’s only $50, plus I’ll receive an autographed paperback copy of your acclaimed book, How to Save Your Home: Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money, a $24.95 value, FREE, to be picked up at the workshop.

Workshop Info:

Spa Resort Casino

401 E Amado Rd – Just off the HOTEL Lobby.
Palm Springs, CA 92262


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