Anna Cuevas has hit on a book idea that couldn’t be more timely! No one needs to be reminded of the economic mess we are all facing: inability to continue to pay mortgages and face foreclosure is becoming a topic of conversation and an action far too many are finding real. There is a tendency in this country to feel victimized by the government and the banks – follow the caustic letters sent out to ‘current addressee’ and see if you don’t agree. But one of the biggest reasons we all assume the role of victim too frequently is simply lack of reliable information about the mind-boggling ins and outs of the economic chaos.

Thanks to this fine book written by an expert we are provided with facts and guidelines, and even more important – a usable Glossary of the words that flow from the mouths of the real estate and lenders and economists that might as well be in another language. If the reader gets nothing more from this book (and that would be difficult to imagine!) than at least the very complete and easy to understand listing of all the terms that are floating around like dark clouds over every city these days, words and phrase such as Amortization, Affordability Analysis, APR, Assumption Clause/Fee/Mortgage, Callable Debt, Comparative Market Analysis, Dower, Encumbrance, Mortgage Modification, Rescission, Treasury Index etc etc. How many of these do we understand much less know how to incorporate into our vocabulary?

Cuevas teaches us how to stay a step ahead of the foreclosure threat and how to analyze and determine our own situation without simply responding to threats. This little book is very mighty – and VERY useful in learning how to keep your home. Grady Harp, November 11

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