Goal of HHFRI

The Hardest Hit Fund Rhode Island has been put in place in Rhode Island by the U.S. Treasury to prevent avoidable foreclosures by helping homeowners who are unable to make their mortgage payments due to a hardship such as job loss or underemployment. Rhode Island Housing has been designated by the Treasury to oversee HHFRI.

Tax Information

Frequently Asked Questions on Tax Information for HHFRI Assistance click here

Tax Information for HHFRI Assistance click here

IRS Resources click here

How to apply

There are only three ways to apply for HHFRI assistance:

  • Through a HUD approved and HHFRI certified counselor including the Rhode Island Housing HelpCenter. Click here for a list of counseling agencies.
  • If you are unemployed and believe you may qualify, you can contact the HHFRI Center for an appointment with a HUD approved and HHFRi certified counselor at 401-277-1500 or email: info@HHFRI.org.
  • Through your local bank or credit union which services your mortgage in Rhode Island. If your lender is Rhode Island Housing, call 800 854-1180.

The agency will be processing, approving and administering the submissions from your lender/servicer and specially trained HUD approved and HHFRI certified counselors.

Note: A loss of home value alone does not constitute a financial hardship.

3 Things You Should Do
  • ACT IMMEDIATELY – Contact your lender/servicer
    The earlier you act, the more options you will have
    Here’s how to contact your lender/servicer.
    If you’re not making progress or you have an out of state lender/servicer and need assistance, call a HUD certified counseling agency.
    Fill out the required paperwork and stay in contact throughout the process.



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