HomeSaver is the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency’s (DCHFA) foreclosure prevention program. The HomeSaver Program is federally funded by the US Treasury’s Housing Finance Agency Innovation Fund for the Hardest Hit Housing Markets (HHF).DCHFA’s HomeSaver foreclosure prevention program will assist approximately 1,000 homeowners who have experienced involuntary job loss. The HomeSaver Program will assist qualified District homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure by maintaining their monthly mortgage payments and thus, allowing them to remain in their homes. The HomeSaver Program will consist of three components, LifeLine, Mortgage Assistance and Restore and each is designed to maximize assistance to qualified homeowners.

This website is the fastest way for families to submit an application for HomeSaver assistance.

Get started by setting up a profile and we will connect you with a housing counseling agency. Once you’ve completed this application, a housing counseling agency will contact you about your next steps.

*Please note that DCHFA’s HomeSaver Program was launched in January 2011 and we are still accepting applications. Funds will be administered on a “first come, first served” basis for qualified District of Columbia homeowners.


Eligibility Criteria

  • District of Columbia homeowner(s);
  • Homeowner(s) residing in their primary residence;
  • Homeowner(s) named on the deed of trust;
  • Homeowner(s) who are receiving unemployment benefits at the time of application (Lifeline & Mortgage Assistance Components) or homeowner(s) who have received unemployment benefits in the last six months (Restore Component ONLY)
  • Homeowner(s) who are NOT in foreclosure;
  • Homeowner(s) who are NOT in active bankruptcy.


Fact Sheet

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