Here’s who I am:
I love God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Believer in MIRACLES. Thankful for blessings and aware that when knowledge is given, much is required and I am ready to fulfill my purpose driven life. Happily married to my soulmate and love of my life, Oscar, and together for 21 years. I am a proud mother of 5 amazing kids 26 Christina, 23 Josh, 21 Jen, 15 Jason, 14 Jake. I love my Costa Rican mother Maria who raised me as a single mom and showed me a strong work ethic. Involved and have a passion for Real Estate, Title, Mortgage, Consumer Advocacy and Business for the last 26+ years. Love my Jack Russel “Jack”. Advocate, #1 Bestselling Author of 2 #1 Bestselling books, Save Your Home, and Fight For Your Dreams with Les Brown, Blogger on and The Huffington Post and an ovarian cancer survivor.

Here’s Who I help:
Homeowners that want to be their own best advocate. Homeowners that want to reclaim their power and voice. Homeowners facing foreclosure, Homeowners that have been incorrectly denied for loan modification, Homeowners with a Save Your Home mission. Through my blog, do it yourself service site, theloanmodguru, and my 334 page resource book, Save Your Home and I also help the Ovarian Cancer cause by supporting the National Ovarian Cancer Alliance when I donate 10% from the proceeds of my retail book sales.

Here’s how I help them:
Super passionate about about empowering homeowners with the right information to help them reclaim their power and voice to become their own best advocate, Fight for Their Dreams and Save Their Home. Through my various sites I provide inspiration, a positive outlook, accurate information, resources, Do it yourself strategies and solutions if you are ready to fight back and your choice is to Save Your Home.

Loan Mod Guru


Anna Cuevas

How Does an Award Winning Ex-Bank Executive Turn into America’s Loan Modification Guru?

If there was a superhero in the loan modification industry, Anna Cuevas would be it… cape and all. Proudly helping thousands of people save their homes and overturning countless foreclosures, Anna is a power-punched, fiery woman with a “take no prisoners” mentality. Her temerity in surviving ovarian cancer is just one more stripe that has fueled her into becoming an advocate for homeowners nationwide.

America’s Loan Modification Guru
She has become the symbol for empowerment and a guardian to thousands of fearful
homeowners that are faced with the hardship and stigma of losing their home.
Providing a powerful resource and toolbox to guide homeowners in the right direction,
she offers: proven step-by-step solutions, has taken the guesswork out of the
application process, deciphered the legal jargon, and unveiled insider secrets. With
Anna on their side, homeowners can now replace stress and agony with viable ways to
fight back.

A Trusted Advocate for Advocates
Noting the overwhelmingly misguided information blanketing the media, Anna is no
stranger to the countless stories of homeowners being advised that foreclosure is their
sole option. She lights up knowing that most are not even aware of their rights and are
inaccurately declined by banks.

Anna equips people with the educational fortitude to climb out of the victim trap, and
in doing so, has become a trusted advocate for advocates. Her brazen approach
teaches homeowners to be one step ahead of the banks, defend their homes, and stop
foreclosure. With consumer strategy training, she endorses homeowners to be their
own best advocate. She has held the hand of the everyday man, from attorneys, single
moms, police, to ice cream truck owners. Her gift in helping others has garnered rave
reviews echoing the same words over and over again: “Thank you so much. I didn’t
know I could fight back.”

She is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, contributor for Ezine and
Articlesbase, founder of Ask a Loan Mod Guru, featured in FUSEing Families
Magazine, and is seen on the online TV show Main Street Marketing Machine. Anna
is author of “Save Your Home, Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money” and is cowriting
the book Fight for Your Dreams with Les Brown, as well as launching a “Save
Your Home” grassroots movement dedicated to empowering homeowners across

Her slogan, “Expect only miracles and question authority,” has become a mantra for
thousands coast to coast. She has personally answered over 3,000 blog posts from
suffering homeowners seeking guidance and helping to reverse the powerlessness
behind foreclosure. Caped and soaring high, Anna’s mission is to transform
homeowners into proud crusaders with the knowledge and strength to become their
own superhero.

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